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About Us

We’re dedicated to helping people realise their dreams of setting up permanently in Mauritius whether it means starting a new business, investing, or retiring.

We are a one-stop operation designed to help make the process of relocation and/or investment on the island as easy and fuss-free as possible. Alternatively, if you are looking to join the workforce in Mauritius or retiring to the island paradise, we’ll help you get it right.

From taking care of the bureaucratic matters to helping you get accustomed, Mauritius Opportunities is the perfect partner for making Mauritius your new home away from home. 

How We Can Help You

Investing In Mauritius

Find out what investment opportunities await you in tropical paradise!

Retiring In Mauritius

The best way to spend your well earned retirement doing what you love in a picturesque surrounding.

Buying A Business

Get in on fruitful business opportunities presenting themselves everyday!

Permanent Residency

Put roots down by discovering how

Your Own Business

Have a business idea and want to bring it to life? Why not choose Mauritius to make it happen?

Why Choose


There are many reasons why setting up a business or choosing to settle permanently, or even retire in Mauritius should be on your list of things to do. In addition to the location and how convenient it is to travel to the island, Mauritius is fast becoming the destination of choice for businesses.

Why turn Mauritius into
your home away from home?


Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, it’s positioned as the perfect hub connecting Africa to the rest of the world

Stable Political Environment

The country is a democratic island with top-tier justice systems in place making it a stable environment with adequate rule of law.

Great Business And Investment Potential

The island has a ranking of 13th place globally when it comes to ease of doing business and working or starting a business on the island is made easy for foreign nationals.

Tropical Paradise

Get used to living in a idyllic surrounding away from the concrete jungle or bustling city life.

Easy to Relocate

From applying for permits to moving your life across the ocean, relocating here is made easier because of the support that foreign nationals are given when showing an interest in the island. 

Solid infrastructure and high speed connections

Mauritius may seem like just another island nation but it packs a punch with some of the best internet speeds across the African continent as well as the infrastructure to set up an office or become a laptop entrepreneur and connect to the world


Why not relocate

to Mauritius?

Relocating to Mauritius is made easier because of the structures put in place and maintained by authorities to attract foreign nationals to call the island home. From offering permanent residency to being able to invest, the island awaits you

How can we help you?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


First we help you check available names and fill all the necessary forms for the business application


Next step is payment of all fees and application fees


And finally you take delivery of all soft copies of necessary documents including your Certificate of Corporation, Business Registration, Memorandum of Agreement, and anything else applicable

Why people choose us
to help them relocate

We remove the fuss and stress of the entire operation for you.

Whether you want to move here and start working, set up a new business, retire or purchase an already running company, we will help you make it happen.

We do the groundwork for you and allow you to transition easier

From bank accounts to choosing the right schools, neighbourhoods and investment options, we have your back.

We help your choices go further

With a sound professional team to help you make the right financial choices, we will ensure your investments are selectively done to make the most of your money.

Ready to start your
new island life?