Why Invest In Mauritius?


Why Invest In Mauritius?

Rapid Market Entry

Thanks to how easy it is to do business on the island, investors who are ready to start something new, can gain fast market entry to enable greater investment benefits, faster.

African Business Gateway

The island is positioned in an ideal location and serves as a financial hub for business and investments in Africa.

Superior Global Ranking

The island has a ranking of 13th place globally when it comes to ease of doing business

Security ensured

Mauritius is considered a politically, economically, and investment-safe banking environment

Double Tax Agreement making things easier

The country holds 46 Double Tax Agreements and 29 Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements meaning that you as an investor has the chance to benefit from interesting tax benefits.

Crucial Memberships that help the process

Mauritius is a member of regional trading blocks which include the SADC, African Union, and COMESA.

Credible legal
framework in place

The island combines the advantages of common and civil law using a dual legal system

Your investment options in Mauritius

The island is positioned in an ideal location and serves as a financial hub for business and investments in Africa.

Property Development Schemes (PDS)

Previously known as RES, PDS is an investment option for foreigners who qualify to invest in real estate. The scheme allows foreigners to be able to buy and own property with is worth USD 500 000 or more. When you commit to this choice, you then get access to a residence permit allowing you to have your family staying with you on the island. 

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

This is a scheme created by the Mauritian government and Economic Development Board that allows foreigners to invest in luxury residences or villas that come with full amenities like swimming pools, spas, golf, restaurants, and other high-end facilities. The investment required for this option is USD 500 000 and once acquired comes with a permanent residence permit.

Real Estate Scheme (RES)

This option is available to foreigners who want to invest in villas or other properties. The difference with this option is that the project can be constructed in an area measuring 4221 square metres but has to remain smaller than 10 hectares. Automatic residency also does not come with this option as it does the others. You are also required to provide USD25,000 for tax and registration fees and the construction requires the approval of the Economic Development Board.

Investment Hotel Scheme (IHS)

Here you have the option of buying an apartment or villa or a room that is part of a luxury resort. There is no minimum limit on the amount you can invest unless you wish to buy an independent luxury villa which then requires a USD 500,000 payment. This scheme also does not enable the investor to obtain a residence permit.

G+2 Scheme

This is a scheme created for investors to acquire a property. Properties in this category include condominiums with a minimum of 2 floors and investors are entitled to a temporary residence permit that is valid for 6 months.

Acquiring Businesses In Mauritius

A prime market for existing businesses exists in Mauritius for investors who want to hit the ground running. Put the hassle of starting something from scratch behind you with a wide range of opportunities available on the local market.

Trust Funds In Mauritius

Whether you are looking to confidently protect your assets, secure your personal and business assets or find a solid investment option, there is the option of setting up a trust fund in Mauritius to suit your financial and investment needs.