Retire In Mauritius

Mauritius your new retirement destination

If spending your retirement on a tropical island is something you can see yourself doing then why not consider making Mauritius your new retirement destination?

If you are 50 and above, you can apply for an initial 10-year residency permit and all it requires is an initial transfer of USD1,500 at the time of the issuance of your permit to a local bank account for yourself.

The retired non-citizen residence permit holder must then proceed to transferring at least USD1,500 per month or at least USD18,000 per year during the ten-years that the permit is valid.

Retired Non-Citizen Residence Permit holders are able to invest in any business but cannot be employed in that business, nor manage it in any way, and must also not derive any salary from that business.

As a permit holder, you can then apply for a renewal and subject to your monthly or yearly account deposits. You will also qualify to apply for a 20-year Permanent Residence Permit provided you have held the residency for at least three years and have transferred at least USD,54,000, before you apply

Ready To Call Mauritius Your New Home And Enjoy Retirement The Way You Should Be?